Monday, October 1, 2007


Sorry to those of you who might find this gross, but moms will understand! Do you know how much of my brain power has revolved around my son's bathroom habits in his short two year life? Crazy! When he was a newborn, I was suppose to be keeping track of all his diapers so I knew if he was eating enough. Now, he is getting into toilet training so we seem to be back to checking the diaper every hour.
Now granted, my son has only recently turned 2, so I'm not really expecting him to be potty trained all that soon, but he is really interested in it, so I figured it was worth a try. Off and on for the past month now, he has wanted to sit on the "little potty" as he calls it. He sits there, smiles, chats about "pee pee" and nothing happens. I've even tried turning on the water in the sink to see if that could get things flowing. But no. Instead I'm reduced to trying to explain to a 2 year old what it means to go pee.
And then yesterday it finally happened! He got up from his nap and his diaper was still dry - after 3 hours. So quickly we went to the bathroom. I got him some juice to drink and he sat there chatting with me as normal. Then he froze, looked up at me wide eyed and then down into the potty saying very enthusiastically, "Pee pee!" And sure enough, there it was! We had a huge celebration and daddy got him a piece of candy for a treat. It is so funny how excited even I can get over a little bit of pee.
Well, then the story moves on to today. He wanted to try again all the time, so I decided to let him go around without a diaper for a bit instead of continually pulling it on and off him. You probably know where this is going. He is playing with his toys on the floor while I sit on the couch - "Do you have to go potty?" I ask. "No." And then a minute later I smell something - oh no!!! Sure enough. When I pick him up I see his #2 in process. Poor kid was so startled by me running him to the bathroom and depositing him on the "big potty" and then rushing back to clean up the carpet before anything settled in. lol I think we will stick with diapers for a bit longer!

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