Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Boys Room

Well, I'm getting bigger and much more sore and my body is telling me that it is time to get ready for the arrival of baby #3. So the first step was to move Jonathan out of his room and into Michael's room, which we are now calling the Boy's Room. That way we will have room in the nursery to actually put the baby things.

So with Jon's "help" I disassembled his crib and we moved it to the new room and put it back together. He was rather half interested in the process but was thrilled when I put the finishing touches (aka Snugglie) in his crib.

We were very excited to find a way to keep the train table there as it has become Jon's favorite thing to play with up there, so the room is a bit crowded, but works well for us. For two nights and two naps though, Jon has come up the stairs excited to find Snugglie and pacifier only to walk into the empty nursery and pause in confusion for a moment before he remembers the change. It is so cute to watch.

And for those of you who are careful observers you will see that Michael has on only one sock in this picture. No it is not because we don't have enough clothes for him. Half way through the day he found a hole in one sock and threw it away. I tried to talk him into getting a new pair of socks on or maybe putting on just one different one for a fun mismatch look. But for some reason his 4 year old sense of how things work insisted that he keep wearing just that one for the rest of the day and couldn't figure out why I didn't understand things that way.

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