Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preschool and cookies

Michael started preschool today. He was so excited and could not stop jabbering about it all morning. He had everything planned out: we would listen to music and eat breakfast (cherrios and a cereal bar like always). But then we couldn't just start playing because we had to go up and get dressed. Then we needed to pack his backpack and get on his snow gear. He was in full schedule mode this morning!

We bought him his first backpack the other day. We were at Meijer and heading to the bag section when he saw it. There was one spider man backpack left and he couldn't take his eyes off it. I tried to show him a few others to make sure that was the one he wanted, but he just kept saying how perfect it was. :)

The report from him and his teachers is that he had a great day. The got to play outside and have mock Alaskan Iditarod races. Then I hear they read stories, had play time, and got teddy grahams and milk for snack. All in all a near perfection morning when you're four apparently.

This afternoon we finally got around to baking the Christmas cookies Michael got in his stocking. Michael likes to cut out the shapes and then put sprinkles on them after they bake. We did it at Jon's nap time since he always wants part of the action in the kitchen and there is not much I can invent for a 17 month old to do in Christmas cookie making. However, Jon did get to have part of the eating action when he woke up!

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Andy DeJong said...

Boy do I miss being a kid. I'm excited to go to his preschool for "Grown up male friend" Day!