Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. Fix It

For Christmas, Michael got a tool kit with a fun tool belt. Today he decided there were some things around the house that needed his fixing attention. He would ask me what was broken and then proceed to bang on it, twist the screw driver and cut with the saw. After fixing a few things he would come and charge me some money.

The first job cost me $20 and he gave me $20 back in change. The second job was $40 and I got $50 back in change. Then there was a cheap one with a bill of only $1 - and I got $2 back. Just when I was beginning to think this was my type of handy man, he charged me $400 and only gave me back $300. However, since it was all pretend money, I think I got a pretty good deal for getting my whole house fixed!

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