Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Having Fun Inside

Today was yet another very cold day and so we found things to entertain us inside. Michael decided to do a puzzle. He got this Pooh and Tigger puzzle for Christmas and has been wanting to do it every day. He asks for help, but really doesn't need it. Instead, he just wants me to sit and listen to him talk through his puzzle strategy: "I like to start with the edges mom. First I finish the scooter and then I go up the pooh and tigger and trees. Then I can do the top. Then I put all the middle ones in, right where they go."

Jon, chose cars most of the day. He gets so excited that he can say "TA!" for CAR. He lines all of the cars up and then pushes them one by one across the table. And it just goes on and on. I always thought that young children were not suppose to have a long attention span, but in reality I think it is more like an unpredictable attention span.

And as you can see, I got to do some scrapping today!

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