Sunday, January 10, 2010

Made it through the week!

We had quite the whirlwind of a week last week:
*Jon was sick last Sat night into Sun and Tim and Michael got it Tue night into Wed. Of course both boys happened to get the worst of it overnight so I had two nights with very little sleep. Both times the boys (and with Jon me too) went through three sets of pajamas and three sets of bed sheets. So I was also running laundry through the night. That meant that I was very groggy for a couple of days after little sleep.
*I missed my mom a lot this week. Probably because I was so tired I was more emotional. And also, it would have been my mother I would have called to talk about the sick boys and my late nights.
*I finished my 33rd week of pregnancy and turned 33 years old this past week too. I got to start going through baby clothes. Do you know the woman in the Bible who got the never ending supply of oil for cooking? Well that is me with baby clothes. I keep giving them away and I always seem to have more than I need! My sisters are happy to hear that I have many clothes to pass onto them this year. For my birthday we also went out to a fairly nice Italian restaurant. The boys did pretty good, especially when we finally found something Jon would eat - spaghetti. He is really into feeding himself right now, though, so I feel bad for whoever had to clean up the floor after we left.
*We also took Michael to visit a preschool program. He had a blast and we hope to have him starting this coming week. It will give us some busy mornings, but he is so excited, especially when he found out we would be buying him new tennis shoes and a back pack for the occasion.

For my project 365, here is the layout with my pictures from this week:

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