Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Computer desktops

As Tim was getting ready for school the other day I noticed that his computer still had old pictures of the kids on it. Last year he had asked me to make some desktop screens for his computer at work so that he could see the kids during the day and probably show them off to everyone too, since they are the cutest ones around. Here is what I came up with back then:

See how old they are?! Michael doesn't have any missing teeth and Becca hardly has any hair. :)

So I've made him some new ones. What do you think?


Andrew DeJong said...

The images are not showing up for me. I tried in all the browsers.

It looks like the image source is a mail.google.com url, rather than the googleusercontent.com that's usually there. Maybe try inserted the pics again?

Diane Janney said...

Andrew--I had to click on "show original post" by the like button and it came through.

Christy--Loved the pics, but I don't recognize the kid in the last pic!! LOL

Michele said...

Cute kids, cute mama!