Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Living in Toddler Land

With Michael back at school three days a week, I'm home with Jon and Becca. I've completely forgotten what it is like to spend hours on end just with toddlers.

* Questions, questions, question. From Jon I get, why, why, why non stop. From Becca it is still more of a point and grunt.

*Moving, moving, moving. Boy I think the two of them together have 10 times the energy I do. On Monday I sent them outside to play and Jon asked if I was coming to play too. I told him no and I of course was asked why?! "Because I just need to sit down for a moment."

*90 second attention spans. When I use to teach I would laugh and tell people that I had to plan so many activities for the day because we really couldn't stay on one task for more than 15-20 minutes. Now I'm going to need 45 activities just to get through an hour. I decided it was time to wash the chairs in our kitchen (remember back that we had a 6 year old birthday party with cake and ice cream last weekend). So I got out a bin of water and three washcloths. Here is how it went:
All of us took a wash cloth and washed a chair.
Becca started eating the washcloth.
I sent Jon to wash the table legs and he started scrubbing the floor.
I've washed one chair.
They leave the wash clothes and run off to get another toy.
I wash another chair.
They are back and scrubbing chairs with me again.
Jon ends up wiping 4 chairs while I clean one more even though Jon insists he has already cleaned that one.
Becca finds a bracelet to try on.
Jon gets into the water and spills some on the floor.
I get another one done.
I set up a computer game for Jon.
I come back into the kitchen to find Becca crawling across the table towards the water bucket.
You get the picture? I never realized how much I have relied on Michael to be the entertainment so I could get something accomplished! :)

*All the laughter and smiles. We are back to silly toddler songs, dancing in circles, and playing nursery rhymes on our fingers. We are looking at colors and numbers, and talking about the things we see. I'm so excited to get to spend this time with Jon and Becca and just watch their brains tick!

Oh, and can I just tell you that I'm really enjoying my coke and Bible time (or to get my priorities right it should probably be Bible and coke time) at 12:30 when they go down for a nap!

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Michele said...

Ha ha ha. This post describes my life exactly right now. I am shocked that you didn't end up with the water bucket dumped all over the floor! You are braver than me. :)