Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Review #2 A Day Out

We have found a fun group here in Holland of Moms and Toddlers. This past May they put together a trip to the Hope College science center where the kids got to look at and pet all kinds of animals.

When the first brought some around to touch, Becca had no idea what to do. Michael kindly jumped in and helped her to pet the first turtle. After that she was on a roll and would reach out to touch everything. We finally had to hold her back when she started poking the snakes in their eyes.

After the animals, we went out to have a picnic lunch in the park and walked around to look at some of the tulips that were still in bloom.

Michael wanted a picture taken with each new color of tulip he could find.

The boys kept circling the fountain as the wind would blow so that they could catch the spray.

Becca found the Tulips fascinating. So many of them were as tall as she was.

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