Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Review #6 Trip East - Sesame Place

If you have toddlers then I would highly recommend Sesame Place, just north of Philadelphia. Basically it is an amusement park made with preschoolers in mind. So instead of having a toddler section of the park, the whole park is perfect for probably 1-10 year olds.

Michael could go on all the rides and loved them. Here was his favorite and he had to go on this one by himself. I can't (or my stomach can't) handle these types and Tim's back was hurting and he didn't dare risk it getting worse. This is the one that brings you up and then you free fall in - over and over and over.

And to prove that Michael was actually on it - see him in the orange:

We met some of the characters that roam the park.

And Michael got invited to come and dance with Elmo at one of the shows.

Tim and I also celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary while we were there. Not exactly the romantic weekend away, but we took this picture to show what 8 years has brought us.

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