Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Review #8 Wedding

Another big happening this summer is that my father got remarried. Yes, things moved very quickly in the relationship but he has met a wonderful woman and they are now husband and wife. Her name is Chris. As this is what my family has often called me, things can get a bit confusing now. I just need to insist on "Christy" from everyone. :)

Here are some photos from the event.

My three boys never like to get dressed up but don't they look handsome?

Becca was all dressed up too, but unfortunately the best picture we got of her was after she had already pulled out her hair bow.

Chris has four children so here is a shot with all of us

These are my grandparents: My grandma (mom's mom) and my grandpa and Pearl (dad's dad and his wife). It was great that my many people from my mom's family came to support my dad at the wedding.

Chris' eldest and I were the witness at the wedding. And I then gave the "best man" speech at the reception - something I've never done before. :)

And finally one of the bride and groom (laughing at some stories people were telling about them).

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Michele said...

Great pictures, Chris(ty)!