Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Review #1 Tulip Time

I guess it was really more like late spring, but we experienced our first Tulip Time as residents of Holland. For those of you who might never have been a part of this, it is a time when, true to its name, the whole city becomes abloom with Tulips and there are tons of Dutch dancing in the streets, parades, carnival stands, and crowds all around downtown.

Sarah and Katherine made it up to join in the fun which made it all the more enjoyable!

We got to see a ton of school bands in the parades, which Jon found a bit loud. I find this so strange, because at home one of Jon's favorite things to do is to bop around the house scream singing as loud as he can into a pretend microphone and banging on the drums in addition.

Everyone was a bit hot and crabby at the end of the parade, except for Becca who had napped in the shade but we did get one Aunt/Niece/Nephew (with Mom thrown in for good measure) picture before the day was up.