Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Day

Santa came early to our house and filled the kids stockings a couple of days early, so on our long trip to Boston, the stockings were waiting in the car.  Santa was right in thinking that opening and playing with some new things would help fill the 16 hours in the car.

On Christmas morning, the kids got to experience a Haig tradition.  There was a new box of sweet cereal and a present waiting for them Christmas morning to help hold them over until the adults in the family were all up and ready for the festivities.  Jon and Becca had a blast putting together the Fox in Socks puzzle while Michael read the tongue twister book.

Then it was finally time to open presents

Favorites were: A Steelers shirt

New cars

And dress-up clothes

There were in fact so many presents that the kids were happy to open some in the morning and then play with them while we waited for Great-Grandmas to arrive for a meal and more presents.

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