Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow came

Yesterday the kids had off from school and we got our first significant snow fall of the winter.  They were super excited to get all bundled up and go out and play.  Michael went right out with Tim to help shovel.  Jon and Becca made it happily to the garage and then froze.  The problem seemed two fold.  They could barely move around in their gear and it was about 15 degrees outside with windchills much colder.  I dragged them out for a picture any way since we had just spent 10+ minutes getting ready at their request.

Then Tim tried to get them to have fun playing tackle Daddy, but Jon even had to be picked up and carried into the game and didn't like it.

So instead, we went back inside, got off the snow gear and headed off to Churck E Cheese for some indoor fun.  :)

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