Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Pictures from Boston

Besides celebrating Christmas, we spent a week just having fun with family in Boston.  Here are some highlights.

We got about a foot of snow one day which was perfect for sledding.  Jon and Becca didn't last long, but we all had a blast!

One of Becca's favorite things to do was to help Aunt Sarah make coffee each morning.  She decided that she likes the smell of coffee but not the taste.

As games were a common Christmas present this year, we did a lot of game playing.  Michael and Jon are even able to play some games on their own now.  This is an old stand-by game of "go fish."

And this is one of the new games we got called Six Nimmt!

On our last day in Boston, Jon and Becca and I got to spend the day with Grandma.  We shared a huge muffin treat, took a trip to McDonalds, and made Christmas cookies.

Michael got to spend the day with Tim, Grandpa, and Aunt Katherine learning to ski for the first time.   He was so proud of how the day went and said he liked it even better than Disney World.

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