Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Half Birthday Jon

This last weekend we got to celebrate 4 and a half with our special Jon.

He was able to celebrate last Thursday with his class at school and got a cool birthday hat (see pictures below).  He wants to wear it around the house a lot and of course Becca wants turns wearing it too.  We were scheduled to bring a treat in to his class last Thursday since he's not in school on his full birthday.  However, they always have a fairly big snack already so I wanted something small.  Jon asked for cupcakes, so I suggested mini ones (think mini muffin size).  Jon thought that was fabulous and that everyone should get 4 of them.  I suggested that everyone get 1, but that Jon could choose the frosting.  He settled on strawberry sprinkled cupcakes with chocolate frosting and colored sprinkles on top.  He had so much fun helping me make and decorate them.  :)

Then on Sunday we celebrated as a family and Jon, and he wanted brownies and ice cream.  If you remember from previous, Jon posts correlates birthdays with candles pretty strongly.  So all day long he was still 4 he insisted, but after blowing out the candles he announced that he was now 4 and a half.

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