Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Tim

Saturday was Tim's birthday.  Since we had gotten a babysitter for a dinner out for my birthday we decided to do dinner out with the whole family for Tim's.  He chose Crust54 which is a fairly new pizza place downtown.

Upon arriving we found out that their deep dish pizza takes 45 minutes to make so that was out, but let me tell you we saw one and it was DEEP dish.

We got a thin crust instead so we could eat before the kids bed time.  Cheese for the kids and ham, bacon, pineapple for us - wow were the toppings amazingly delicious!!!

Then off to ice cream at our favorite spot down town.  The kids got theirs and headed outside where we usually eat only to start shaking and shivering and quickly agreed to come inside to eat when I offered.

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